Mineral wool Knauf Omnifit Slab 35 50mm (1200x600)

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Mineral wool roof isoclines and wedges

Mineral wool roof isoclines and wedges


Triangular wool wedges, made of mineral wool, are used in the corners of buildings prior to the installation of the roofing felt. The main purpose of using wedges is to prevent the roofing felt from collapsing when working on attics, chimneys, skylights and roof hatches. Rectangular isosceles roof wedges play an important role in the proper finishing and protection of the roof.
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Thermal conductivity λD 0,037-0,040 W/mK
Density ϱ 95-105 kg/m3
Reaction to fire A1
Additional info can be manufactured into any shape and size


Dimensions and packing

Stretch-wrapped pallets or cardboard boxes – quantity depends on type and shape of roof pitches.
Any quantity can be ordered in any type.
Shapes and roof pitches manufactured to individual customer’s order.

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Mineral wool roof isoclines and wedges

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